Short essay on effects of air pollution

Apart from essay on air pollution, you can get other related essays and related information such as: In the urban area, on the road, every day so many vehicles is rides and releases the bad air during the push of accelerator.

The dirty drinking water founds in some slums area; there living people have not any other choice to drink unclean water. The different air pollutants and their effects are as follows: Plants and animals require water that is moderately pure, and they cannot survive if their water is Water pollution occurs when people overload the water environment with wastes.

Some of the big reasons of the air pollution are use of poisonous fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides in the agricultural sectors by the innocent farmers in order to increase the crop production.

Causes of noise pollution From the factories and industries, which volume generated become then causes of the noise pollution. Sulphur dioxide, above 1 ppm, affects human beings. Melting polar ice caps and glaciers could cause sea levels to rise, flooding most of the major population centres and fertile lands.

You may join me on Facebook Related Post. These cause lung-cancer, tuberculosis etc. It may also increase the air pollution. Rapid growth of population, industrialization, increased use of automobiles, aeroplanes, etc has made this issue a serious environmental problem.

Air Pollution Essay

Air Pollution Essay 5 words When the fresh air gets polluted by means of dust, toxic gases, smoke, motor vehicles, mills and factories, etc called air pollution. Increasing population density is demanding the need of more industrialization which ultimately causes air pollution. Some natural sources of the air pollution are like volcanic eruptions, volcanoes ashes, carbon dioxide, smokes, dust and other gasesdeflation of sands, dusts, salts spray from seas and ocean, soil particles, storms, forest fires, cosmic particles, rays, bombardment of asteroid materials, comets, pollen grains, fungal spores, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Meaning of the Pollution Pollution is the big crisis in the India. Because of the increasing number of air pollutants, it has been divided into two types such as primary pollutants and secondary pollutants. You may think you don't do much to pollute the earth, but everyone does a little part of it.

It can also cause deafness, tiredness, and mental losses. People are the main cause of pollution because the things that we use contain dangerous chemicals and they make atmosphere dirtier. Besides, people mostly be careful regarding trees as they are sources of oxygen.

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Variety of smoke emissions from the automobiles such as cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, trains, aeroplanes, etc are also causing air pollution. Burning of plastics produces polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs. Ozone layer is also getting affected too much by the air pollution which causes serious disturbances to the environment.

Discharge of Factory wastes in rivers should be banned so as to make the river-water free from pollution. It is generated by the people and also affected the people.

There are two types of air pollution sources which are natural sources and man-made sources. They are one of the major sources of air pollution. The ever increasing level of air pollution also enhances its negative and harmful effects to the health of living beings. Much of the world's air, water, and land are now As time advances pollution is every where, humans more and more rely on machines to live their lives.

There are many reasons behind regularly increasing this air pollution. The excrement of the animals mixes with the soil and pollutes it. Increasing population density is demanding the need of more industrialization which ultimately causes air pollution.

They cause eye irritation and respiratory diseases. Other source of the air pollution is decomposition of garbage in landfills and disposal of solid wastes which are emitting methane gas dangerous to the health. Polluted air is causing damage to the plants, animals and human beings in many direct and indirect ways.

Topographical and meteorological conditions are increasing the spread and concentration of the pollutants. They are widely used as disinfectants. We should not cut trees, use public transportation, avoid spray cans, and so many activities in the favor to reduce the effects of air pollution. Primary pollutants are those affecting the fresh air directly and emitted from smoke, ash, dust, fumes, mist, spray, inorganic gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitric oxide and radioactive compounds.

It can also contaminate the ground water. Air Pollution Short Essay. Some pollutants may not have direct health effects. Choose one of the following atmospheric issues: air pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and. In fact air pollution is the occurrence or addition of foreign particles, gases and other pollutants into the air which have an adverse effect on human beings, animals, vegetation, buildings, etc.

Air pollution has two categories of effects. It has long term effects and short term effects. The effects it has are mainly on human life and animal life because they all depend on air for survival and for important biological processes.

Pollution | Causes, Effects and Prevention of the Pollution | Short Essay

Air pollution is one of the virtual problem nowadays. There are many reasons of it but mostly it is caused by cars, growing cities, development of economy and industrialization.

Clean air consist of several gases. When some other gases or dangerous elements get into the clean air, pollution is. Pollution Essay 1 ( words) Pollution is the contamination of the natural environment which exists around us and helps in normal living. Any type of pollution in our natural surroundings and ecosystem causes insecurity, health disorders and discomfort in normal living.

Health Effects of Air Pollution Air pollution could affect the climate, the environment, and human health. Among these areas, the health is the main focus of this paper (Thomson Scientific, ).

Short essay on effects of air pollution
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Pollution | Causes, Effects and Prevention of the Pollution | Short Essay